Getting Your Ps

Steps to obtaining your Driver's Licence

1. Basic Driving Skills

  •   Developing understanding of vehicle dynamics
  •   Introduction to Safe Driving habits
  •   Steering Techniques, Observation skills
  •   Developing smooth and Safe Driving skills
  •   Understanding Australian roads 

2. Driving Manoeuvres and Road Rules

  •   Developing an understanding of legal obligations 
  •   Learn how to perform different Driving Manoeuvres in different situations 
  •   Learn different types of parking styles 
  •   Parking manoeuvres in busy traffic
  •   Developing ”find your own way“ Driving Style
  •   Driving manoeuvres when sharing road
  •   How to identify potential hazards and respond to them


3. Complex Driving Skills

  •   What is a challenging driving situation
  •   How to deal with complex driving situations
  •   Developing a good understanding of Road Safety Rules
  •   How other factors affect our driving
  •   Negotiating with other road users legally and safely
  •   Defensive Driving tips

4. Practice for Solo Driving

  •   What to consider when driving alone
  •   Learn what the common errors made by solo drivers are
  •   Help to find an answer to the important question: Am I ready for the Driving Test?


5. Drive Test

  •   Driving Test requirements 
  •   Key Skills for success 
  •   What happens after passing the Driving Test

Skills4Driving School provides feedback after every lesson and continues to provide support for your safety on the road.

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